Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking 

Anthony Manly | March 8, 2021


Suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) to rise through the ranks to the top of the search engine results.

1. Keywords

Identify and target a specific keyword for each page on your website. Focus on how your reader might search for that specific page with search terms that align with the intent of their search.

(referTarget Customers Ready to Buy)

There are a few distinct types of search intent, these four are most commonly used:

A. Informational intent

First, there is informational intent. Lots of searches on the internet are done by people looking for information. That could be information about sports scores, information about new cars, you name it. People with informational intent have a specific question or want to know more about a certain topic.

Also be aware that Google’s understanding of intent goes further than simply showing search results that give information about a specific term. It knows, for example, that people looking for [bbq sauce] are looking for recipes, not for how bbq sauce is made. It understands that most people typing in [Mercury] are looking for the planet, not the element. Google even understands that for some terms, like [how to build a chicken coop], it’s handy to include videos and images.

B. Navigational Intent

The second type of search intent is called navigational intent. People with this intent want to visit a specific website. For example, people who search for [Twitter] are usually on their way to the Twitter website.

C. Transactional intent

The third type of search intent is transactional intent. Lots of people buy stuff on the internet and browse the web to find the best price on a purchase. People are searching with transactional intent when their purpose is to buy something.

D. Commercial investigation

Some people have the intention to buy in the (near) future and use the web to do their research.

  • What fridge would be best?
  • Which flat screen tv is the latest model?

These people also have transactional intent but need some more time and convincing. These types of search intents are usually called commercial investigating intents.

2. Update Content Regularly

Regularly update your content so that your blog remains fresh. Audit your content on a quarterly schedule and make updates as needed.

3. Metadata

Each page contains a space to insert metadata, which is information about the content of your page.  It’s important for you to review and update the Metadata as your site changes over time.

A. Title Metadata is responsible for the page titles displayed at the top of a browser window and as the headline within search engine results.  It’s important metadata on your page.

B. Description Metadata is the textual description that a browser may use in your page search return. Think of it as your site’s window display a concise description of what is contained within, with the goal of encouraging people to enter. A good meta description will typically contain two full sentences. Search engines may not always use your meta description.

C. Keyword Metadata is rarely if ever used by search engine rankings. However, you should know your keyword phrases, so add them into your keyword metadata.  Include a variety of phrases. As a general rule, try to keep it to about 3-7 phrases with each phrase consisting of 1-4 words. A great example would be “online fitness coach.”

4. Have a link-worthy site

Focus on creating relevant links within the text. Instead of having “click here” links, try writing out the name of the destination. “Click here” has no search engine value, whereas “Michigan Business Coaching Program” is rich with keywords and can improve your search engine rankings as well as the ranking of the page you are linking to.

Use descriptive links by linking keywords it not only improves search engine optimization but also adds value to your readers.

5. Use alt tags

Always describe your visual media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions as they allow search engines to locate your page.

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