Edward Simon Valdez

Project Manager at StudioWebX

Hi, I’m Edward Simon Valdez, I’m a Project Manager at StudioWebX a company run by Self Managed Business.

Self Managed Business helps Business Coaches to start and grow their businesses by attracting more leads, converting these leads into paying clients, and delivering more value to these clients.

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Before working for Self Managed Business, I worked as a freelance Web Developer on various projects from a small Fulfillment Company based in US to a considerably sizeable Dating website based on Germany and the Czech Republic.

Over the years I acquired technical skills for programming that enables me to become more proficient, hence the position where I am now in Self Managed Business.

Although I am very aware that there is still so much to learn, I am confident that I can help Self Managed Business help you and your business grow.

In addition to being a Project Manager, I’m an overachieving geek and love playing video games. When I was young,

I always get fascinated by how a video game character moves or a picture being displayed on to a computer screen, I’m a very curious kid and still am to this day, which is why my enthusiasm to technology and pop culture greatly influenced the path I took for my career.

Also, I’m collecting and building Plastic Model kits from a Popular Anime series from Japan; GUNDAM.

Currently, I have 21 (and still more in the future…hehe) Gundam Model kits including the ones that I’m yet to build.

(Below are the photos of my current collection of the Gundam Plastic model kits)


Hope you enjoy the photos and get to know me as a person too.

I’m Edward and here at StudioWebX, we are looking forward to helping you with your WordPress Website and above all. build a relationship and get to know you as well!